Artist Background: KD is a Hip-Hop artist from NorCal looking to use his piano skills and funky/soulful flow to find new ways to express the power of Hip-Hop. Growing up in small town of 5,000, KD draws from the simplistic lifestyle of his childhood as well as relating to the everyday struggles of regular people.

Through his unique style of poetry, storytelling, word play, and spoken word, KD embodies the idea of an “artist with a message”. Having greatly been influenced by jazz, R&B, funk, and acoustic harmonies, one can hear the fusion it takes within his Hip-Hop tracks.

A versatile artist, KD can not only wow the crowd with his clever lyrics and technical proficiency in rapping, he will also show his audience his vocal range as well as his ability as a jazz pianist. A simple yet complex figure, KD can represent himself in a number of ways.

Stream When All Things Go below and hit up our interview with KD here.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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