Artist Background: Who is Don Gady? Allow me to explain, I am a recording artist currently attending college with dreams larger than life itself.

Don comes from my frequent watching of old mob boss movies growing up, being a big fan of Robert de Niro’s 80’s films like, The Godfather (the second one) and Taxi Driver but Casino and The Goodfellas had to been my favorites.

On the other hand, GADY is more of an acronym, my brand if you will. It stands for how much struggle I had to go through to get to this point and how much I still have to go. To this day I express myself through song to vent and to keep on my head above all the daily struggles that life stresses you out with.

In all honesty, I tend to find myself losing track of time a lot while rapping when in the studio, as if it became my own little sanctuary and I feel that is a good sign that it is my thing to do. Regarding this they do say “where your focus goes, energy flows” and that proves true to how things go for me in the studio.

My passions have been unmatched for women for as long as I could remember and they have liked the way I riddled to them. Same as with writing added with some of the artistic ability to draw, that all came naturally to me as well. So one day I had finally came to my conclusion to put it all together as rap.

I was already into the hard stuff growing up like Wu-Tang and Nasty Nas and Pink Floyd so I guess you could say I turned to music as an escape more often than not. The music world intrigued me at a young age. So much so, that I would leap at any opportunity I could get at it. 

Stream The Fire Escape below and hit up DatPiff to download the mixtape. You can also check out our interview with Don Gady here.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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