The Black Side project displays a view of the world through my thoughts and through my eyes.

The Intro produced by Chris Prhythm with a clip from the movie “Trick Baby” starts off the project on a informative tone that covers the highs and lows of society as well as the second song; “Dead On The Floor” on a smooth settled beat produced by Hexsagon featuring Voski with the hook stating, “1 n***a, 2 n***a, 3 n***a… 4, 5 young black n***a’s dead on the floor.”

Reality for most in this country. That’s the tone I wanted on this project, which continues on the third track; “Perspective.” Produced by Casso Beats. “Love of my Life.” Feature Voski is one of my favorite songs produced by Ant Live, just listen to it.

“If David could go against Goliath with a stone, I could go at Kendrick & Drake both for the throne!” Remembrance of the 50 Cent line, “If David can go against Goliath with a stone I can go at Nas & Jigga both for the throne.” I continue – “ fu*k it if it’s true or not all I do is watch and plot, n***a’s I’m competitive.

Says a lot about where I coming from on here. Like how 50 felt. “Pimping & Riding.” featuring Qiayz is a banger her and I kill it! Casso Beats on the production. “Everybody Winning.” Is a switch up flexing my skills, switching up the style.

Featuring Voski & Boogeyman, another one of my favorites. “In Limbo.” Reflects my growing up. I enjoyed putting this together for you all to enjoy!

Written by Stop The Breaks
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