With Innocent Country 2 only a few short days away from release, Quelle liberates one last single, “Mirage, which was exclusively premiered by Fader. “Mirage” features Earl Sweatshirt, Denmark Vessey, Big Sen & Merrill Garbus.

“Mirage” was one of the first songs Chris and I started last year and also one of the last we finished. I knew we needed Earl, Den, Merrill and Sen early on” Quelle commented to Fader. “I couldn’t have imagined how timely the song would be when we finished it, or the amount of times I’d by the time I reached the end of Denmark’s verse. I knew the words would ring true, but didn’t expect them to resonate at such high frequencies only half a year later. But here we are. The “Mirage,” where what is “known” to be and visions once reserved for the “crazy” collide.”

Written by Stop The Breaks
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