Ozay Moore is the founder and Executive Director of All of the Above Hip Hop Academy “AOTA”, a non profit organization in Lansing Michigan that mentors youth through Hip Hop Culture. During quarantine, the organization shifted their B.A.R.S [Beat and Rhymes Sessions] program to a virtual platform.

They met regularly with local youth enrolled in the class to discuss Hip Hop history, the creative process, and social impact while collaborating with each other on various music production based projects. There are special times in the program where the relationship of the elder shifts from instructor, to peer. The relationship between Ozay and The Player underwent that transformation in July 2020.

Anthony Jones aka “The Player” had been flexing his abilities in a series of IG videos, and sharing new music he had in the works. It was apparent Anthony was Ready. The idea of being ready, seemed fitting for our collaboration. The track is produced by Ess Be who is not only an Illect Recording artist but an instructor at AOTA as well.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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