Queens stand up! Stew Art, an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Queens, New York dropped an ode to his hometown earlier this year – A Queens Tale.

Presented by Wasted Talent Planet and featuring production from L’Camino and Ken-I-Produce as well as from Stew Art himself, the 9-track tape is a showcase of Stew Art’s gift as a lyricist and beatmaker.

Artist background: I’m from Queens New York. A Spanish American that found music to be my comfort zone since a kid I always wanted to rhyme, sing, write and draw.

I did to a certain extent but didn’t take the next step until around 17 when i really started spending a lot of time creating, writing and rhyming started a project called Wasted Talent and from there until now.

At 21 ive been at working and attending Queensborough Community College as a music production after switching from a science and math major and finally got to drop a EP A Queens Tale in June

Influences: Jay, Pac, Drake, 50,Wiz, Em, and of course my lady Amy Winehouse. I listen to everything words are everything to me but I am also a producer so Dre, Dilla, Mustard, Yeezy and Rick Rubin.

Twitter: @Stew_HasTweets
Instagram: @Stewart.Z
Facebook: Stewart Zambrano

Stream A Queens Tale below and make sure you head on over to DatPiff to cop the tape.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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