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Stop The Breaks is an independent music marketing company focused on showcasing dope independent hip-hop artists. Our goal is to help motivate, inspire and educate independent artists grinding around the world.

Let us help you with your online marketing and promotion so you can spend the time doing what you do best – making music! 

We have 3 types of promo packages, depending on your objectives and budget. If you have any questions at all, please hit up

Superstar – $250 – BUY NOW

  • Project promotion on Stop The Breaks
  • Interview featured on Stop The Breaks
  • Homepage banner promotion for 12 months
  • Weekly email newsletter blasts to 1,500 label representatives, DJs, A&Rs, journalists & bloggers
  • Social media promotion on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ & Pinterest

Standard – $175 – BUY NOW

  • Project promotion on Stop The Breaks
  • Interview featured on Stop The Breaks
  • Homepage banner promotion for 6 months
  • Social media promotion on Twitter

Budget – $100 – BUY NOW

  • Project promotion on Stop The Breaks
  • Homepage banner promotion for 3 months
  • Social media promotion on Twitter

Stop The Breaks – Independent Music Marketing

Stop The Breaks is an independent music marketing company providing artists with a platform to promote their music, build their brand and expand their fanbase. We specialise in independent music promotion, brand building, digital marketing, social media services and artist consultation.

Our digital marketing promo packages help independent artists gain buzz by creating interest around their story and their craft. Instead of just posting up their music, we work with artists to tell their story, talk about their background, discuss their musical influences so that their fans understand more about them.

Whether you’re an independent rapper, producer, DJ or manager grinding your way to the top of the independent rap game, promoting your music and brand is the most important aspect of your career. What does it matter how great your music is if nobody’s listening to it?

We don’t just post up music and we don’t play the numbers game. We don’t promise our clients we can get them X amount of views on YouTube or X amount of downloads on DatPiff because that doesn’t bring any real value or mean anything tangible. 

We’re fully committed to supporting dope independent hip-hop artists around the world with powerful promotion services, authentic brand building, truthful storytelling and a dedication to achieving results for our clients.

At the moment Stop The Breaks is receiving over 30,000 unique visitors and 100,000 page views per month. Our numbers aren’t as big as major publications like Rap Radar, Complex or Nah Right but we have a very dedicated audience which consists of A&Rs, label representatives, DJs and music blogs from around the world who consistently engage with the artists we promote.

We also provide a lot of free consultation and advice for indie hip-hop artists who want to promote themselves. Once they’re finished with the articles, they come to us for our promotion and marketing services to help take their brand to the next level.

Why independent hip-hop artists need online promotion and marketing for their music

There hasn’t been a better time than now to be an independent hip-hop artist. Ever since the internet atomic bomb exploded on the music industry, it’s like the Wild West out there at the moment.

As an indie artist, you now have access to a wide range of tools that enable you to create, distribute and promote your music at the substantially lower cost.

Why do you think breakout rappers like Chance The Rapper and Joey Bada$$ have shunned major label advances and continued to grind it out independently? The internet and particularly social media has levelled the playing field – an independent artist hustling from his parents’ basement has the same reach as one signed to Def Jam.

Cheaper recording software allows artists to record music from their bedroom, distribution platforms like Bandcamp and Google Play help them distribute their content to the masses while social media sites like Facebook and Twitter enable them to market and promote their music to their fanbase. The tools are all there for an independent rapper or producer to slowly and steadily build up their career.

Online tools are available to artists at no costs so you need to use them to maximise the exposure to your music. You might not have a marketing or promotions team working for you like artists signed at major labels but you do have all the tools that you need to build up and cultivate a dedicated fanbase that will buy your music.

Don’t be afraid to grind and hustle independently. There are plenty of examples of successful hip-hop artists that you can study for inspiration:

Check out those articles then hit us up on so we can help take your music career to the next level!

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