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Stop The Breaks is an independent music marketing company helping indie hip hop artists grind to the top. We’re focused on genuine brand building for the long run and helping our clients promote their music to the right people.

We’re all about the long term grind and hustle here. No short cuts, no fake numbers, no bullshit. There aren’t any short cuts to success, it takes hard work, long hours and patience.

We have 3 types of promo packages to help independent artists build a fanbase, promote music and push their brand to the right audience.

Superstar – $250

  • Project promotion on Stop The Breaks
  • Interview featured on Stop The Breaks
  • Homepage banner promotion for 12 months
  • Weekly email newsletter blasts to 2,200 label representatives, DJs, A&Rs, journalists & bloggers
  • Social media promotion on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ & Pinterest

Standard – $175

  • Project promotion on Stop The Breaks
  • Interview featured on Stop The Breaks
  • Homepage banner promotion for 6 months
  • Social media promotion on Twitter

Budget – $100

  • Project promotion on Stop The Breaks
  • Homepage banner promotion for 3 months
  • Social media promotion on Twitter

If the above promo packages are not suitable for what you’re looking for, please let us know so we can provide a custom package for your budget and goals. Check out our other services below:

How Stop The Breaks helps independent hip hop artists grind to the top

We don’t want to just post your songs to our site and hope for the best, that’s not our style. Our promo packages help independent artists get noticed by creating interest around their story and their craft. Instead of just posting up their music, we work with artists to tell their story, talk about their background, discuss their musical influences so that their fans understand more about them.

Promotion is all about discovering new acts and sharing your passion for music with the world, so that’s exactly what we do. We put in the work to share your music because we know how hard you work on it.

We’re 100% committed to supporting dope independent hip-hop artists around the world with great brand building, storytelling and a dedication to achieving results for our clients.

At the moment Stop The Breaks is receiving over 30,000 unique visitors and 100,000 page views per month. Our numbers aren’t as big as major publications like Rap Radar, Complex or Nah Right but we have a very dedicated audience which consists of A&Rs, label representatives and DJs who consistently engage with the artists we promote.

We know the game inside out. We have the contacts and connections, we built the platform and the networks. You don’t need a lot of money for music promotion in today’s music landscape, it’s just about working with a company like Stop The Breaks who love what we do, know the industry and are willing to put in the long hours to achieve your goals.

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