Sexyy Red and Chief Keef have made it clear that they are just friends, but convincing their fans seems to be an entirely different matter. On June 8, Sexyy Red took to Instagram to post a video with the Chicago drill legend, reiterating that any flirty behavior between them is just playful and that she views him as her “brother.”

Despite their insistence, fans aren’t buying it. Comments quickly poured in, with one user remarking, “My brother ain’t never played patty cake with my azzz,” and another humorously adding, “Gonna tell my kids this was Barack Obama and Michelle.” The skepticism didn’t end there. On The Shade Room’s Instagram, one person joked that Drake might be frustrated by their interactions, commenting, “Drake somewhere rippin out his hair clips & throwin them at his phone.”

Sexyy Red isn’t the only one maintaining that their relationship is purely platonic. Back in March, Chief Keef spoke about her during an interview backstage at Rolling Loud LA. When asked why people are so enthusiastic about Sexyy Red, he simply said, “She just… you could tell she really just come from where we come from.” He reflected on why their collaboration works so well, explaining, “Shit. I just know she fuck with me real heavy. I fuck with her too. Saying she wants to come through and I said ‘hell fucking yeah.'”

Their chemistry was also evident in their collaboration at the end of 2023, when they teamed up for the extended edition of ‘Hood Hottest Princes’ to amplify Sexyy’s massive hit, ‘Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad).’ With Sexyy Red’s catchy hook and Chief Keef’s unique flavor, the track became a fan favorite. Chief Keef’s verse, “Bae you know Chief So’ your daddy, come and grill your bitch ass/ I told bae, ‘You leave me, I’m puttin’ a round in your ass,'” added a distinctive touch that only fueled more speculation about their relationship.

Even though the two artists have consistently stated that they are just friends, their playful interactions and undeniable chemistry keep fans guessing. Only time will tell if everyone is ever convinced.

For now, Sexyy Red and Chief Keef maintain that they are nothing more than good friends, despite what their fans might think. Whether or not the speculation will die down remains to be seen.

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