JAY-Z, a name synonymous with the world of hip-hop, has yet again demonstrated his business acumen. This time, his keen eye for lucrative ventures has led him to invest in the luxury watch marketplace Wristcheck. The rapper and entrepreneur participated in the company’s latest fundraising round, which gathered a substantial $5 million.

This isn’t just another investment for JAY-Z; it’s a strategic move into a market he knows well. With a watch collection that boasts brands like Richard Mille and Rolex, he’s no stranger to luxury timepieces. However, his involvement in Wristcheck goes beyond just financial interest. It’s a blend of passion and business expertise, making it a noteworthy addition to his diverse investment portfolio.

JAY-Z’s New Investment

JAY-Z has added yet another jewel to his vast investment portfolio by purchasing a stake in the luxury watch marketplace Wristcheck. His participation came during their latest fundraising round, which amassed a total of $5 million.

A Luxury Watch Marketplace

Wristcheck is a unique platform where collectors can buy and sell luxury watches. The watches are already authenticated by professional watchmakers, ensuring that those spending up to seven figures on a timepiece know it’s genuine. This authenticity makes Wristcheck a go-to destination for serious watch enthusiasts.

Co-founder’s Excitement

As an entrepreneur, JAY-Z has always been an inspiration to me. I remember growing up to his music — his lyrics not only introduced me to watch brands like Audemars Piguet but also fueled my love for watches even further. said co-founder Austen Chu. JAY-Z bridging the gap between watches and pop culture has had a significant impact on Chu.

JAY-Z’s Reputation in Watch Collecting

JAY-Z is renowned for his impressive watch collection, featuring pieces from brands like Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and Rolex. Notably, in 2021, he spent $6 million on a rare Tiffany and Patek Philippe collaboration.

High-Profile Appearances

JAY-Z turned heads when he wore the Tiffany and Patek Philippe watch at the premiere of The Harder They Fall. The watch had just sold at auction for a staggering $6.5 million.

He has also been seen flaunting a Patek Philippe worth $2.2 million at one of Diddy’s birthday parties, as well as showcasing an even more expensive Richard Mille watch that took 3,000 man-hours to create.

Diverse Investment Portfolio

Beyond his love for watches, JAY-Z has built an extensive portfolio of investments. These include major real estate holdings, an early stake in Uber, and investments in Flowhub, a marijuana software company, and Oatly, a plant-based milk firm.

His business acumen extends to being a former owner of the NBA team Brooklyn Nets. JAY-Z’s varied investments highlight his knack for identifying lucrative opportunities across different industries.

An Inspirational Figure

Chu added, As the most influential celebrity watch collector of the 21st century and a certified G.O.A.T., his support carries immense weight both personally and professionally. It’s a testament to the trust and community we’ve built, and marks a major milestone in cementing Wristcheck as the go-to platform for watch enthusiasts worldwide.

JAY-Z’s endorsement isn’t just a financial boost; it’s a significant mark of credibility for Wristcheck. His involvement promises to attract even more attention to the already popular marketplace.


JAY-Z’s investment in Wristcheck is yet another example of his diverse business ventures. From luxury watches to tech startups, his wide-ranging interests continue to make headlines and inspire many.

Wristcheck’s Future Prospects

With such a high-profile backer, Wristcheck is poised for significant growth. JAY-Z’s involvement is expected to bring greater visibility and trust to the platform, expanding its reach within the luxury watch community.

As Wristcheck evolves, it will likely continue to attract more big names and dedicated collectors. JAY-Z’s investment is a clear signal that luxury watch trading has a bright future ahead.

JAY-Z’s investment in Wristcheck serves as a testament to his keen eye for valuable opportunities. His backing not only highlights the platform’s credibility but also paves the way for its future success.

As Wristcheck continues to grow and attract high-profile individuals, JAY-Z’s involvement stands as a significant endorsement. In the world of luxury watches, having JAY-Z on board is like adding another jewel to an already glittering crown.

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