Drake has had second thoughts about his final diss aimed at Kendrick Lamar, removing all traces of “The Heart Part 6” from his social media accounts.

Released in early May, the song was only available on YouTube and wasn’t made accessible on streaming services. Drake initially promoted it with a post on Instagram, but fans noticed on Tuesday, June 4th, that the post had mysteriously vanished.

The track took its name from Kendrick Lamar’s beloved “The Heart” song series. On this track, Drake largely defended himself against Kendrick’s accusations, denying claims that he’s a sexual predator and that he secretly welcomed a daughter over a decade ago. The song ended with Drake challenging Kendrick by saying, “Just let me know when we’re getting to the facts. Everything in my shit is facts; I’m waiting on you to return the favor.”

In the deleted Instagram post, Drake further provoked Kendrick, writing, “And we know you’re dropping 6 mins after so instead of posting my address you have a lot to address.”

Amid this ongoing feud, Drake also released another Kendrick diss track titled “Taylor Made Freestyle”. However, he had to remove it from all platforms after 2Pac’s estate objected to the use of an AI version of the late rapper’s voice.

This track, featuring AI vocals from both 2Pac and Snoop Dogg, was taken down following a 24-hour ultimatum from 2Pac’s estate. The estate sent a cease and desist letter in April expressing their dismay at the unauthorized use of 2Pac’s voice and personality. The letter stated, “The Estate is deeply dismayed and disappointed by your unauthorized use of Tupac’s voice and personality. Not only is the record a flagrant violation of Tupac’s publicity and the estate’s legal rights, it is also a blatant abuse of the legacy of one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. The Estate would never have given its approval for this use.”

The estate also highlighted that this misuse against Kendrick Lamar, a respected friend of the estate, compounded the insult. They warned that non-compliance would lead to legal action, including claims for copyright and personality rights violations, damages, and attorneys’ fees.

Drake’s decision to remove “The Heart Part 6” and “Taylor Made Freestyle” tracks from his social media reflects the contentious and complicated nature of his beef with Kendrick Lamar and the ensuing legal threats from 2Pac’s estate.

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