• Donald Glover drops trailer for creepy new movie.
  • Fans get a surprise IMAX premiere.
  • Glover navigates a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Jessica Allain stars alongside Glover.
  • New Childish Gambino album to accompany the film.

Donald Glover has just released the first trailer for his new film Bando Stone & The New World. Trust me, it looks super intense. He surprised fans by premiering the two-minute trailer in IMAX theaters just before A Quiet Place: Day One on the night of June 27. Glover had only given a few hours’ notice on Instagram, where he posted a photo holding two cinema tickets and wrote: ‘Bando Stone trailer is coming tonight @imax.’

This movie, produced by RCA and Glover’s own creative company Gilga, stars Glover as Bando Stone, a fictional famous musician whose main skill is singing. However, in this post-apocalyptic world, he has to team up with other survivors to stay safe. The trailer is both creepy and funny, showing the group facing everything from giant blood-thirsty creatures to electromagnetic traps. There’s even a nod to extraterrestrial threats. At one point, the trailer poses a heavy question: ‘What are you when the world ends?

Importantly, the trailer hasn’t been officially released online yet, but fans have captured some footage. Alongside Glover, English actress Jessica Allain is featured in the movie. She’s known for roles in horror thrillers like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Fear.

This film will be exclusively available in IMAX theaters and will come with a new soundtrack album by Childish Gambino. Interestingly, this is expected to be Glover’s last full-length release under his rap moniker. While the release date for the movie is still under wraps, Glover mentioned the album will drop this summer.

Glover also shared that the lead single from the album, ‘Lithonia,’ will be out on July 2. He vented on TikTok Live earlier this week about the song leaking and pointed fingers at the streaming service Audiomack, saying: ‘‘Lithonia’ is coming out July 2nd,’ he said. ‘That got leaked. It kinda pissed me off, to be honest. That’s another reason why y’all don’t get good shit. For what? It’s not valuable enough. It’s just a single.’ He continued, ‘I know who did it, Audiomack. Fucking, no soup for you. You’re not getting the album now. That’s what time I’m on.’

Adding more excitement, Bando Stone & The New World will be Gambino’s second album of 2024, following Atavista, an updated version of his 2020 LP 3.15.20, which dropped in May. Meanwhile, Glover is also gearing up for a massive world tour that spans North America, Europe, and Oceania from August 2024 to February 2025. He’ll have genre-bending artists Willow Smith and Amaarae joining him on the tour.

Donald Glover’s new movie and album combo promises to be a thrilling experience both on and off the screen, ensuring fans stay on the edge of their seats.

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