At the Parklife Festival on June 9, Doja Cat took to the stage with high energy, ready to entertain her fans not just with her own hits, but also with a rendition of Hilary Duff’s iconic 2003 track, ‘Come Clean’.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until she began singing the classic pop hit, expecting the audience to join in. However, much to her shock and dismay, the crowd remained silent, seemingly unfamiliar with the song. Clearly surprised, Doja Cat couldn’t help but express her disbelief, asking, ‘Bitch, you don’t know that shit? What the fuck?’

This unexpected moment was captured and quickly shared online, with a clip posted by Pop Crave on Twitter, showing Doja Cat braving the rain and performing the track solo.

In another wave of news, Doja Cat recently took to social media to call out her absentee father, Dumisani Dlamini. Initially, she posted a scathing message, ‘Dad, lemme know when/if you need me to re-up your makeup cabinet cuz you a bitch.’ She later edited the post to a softer but still pointed, ‘I’m gonna turn you into my next project and y0u’re gonna have to listen to it for the rest of your god forsaken life,’ before finally toning it down to, ‘jk love you i was mad.’

Her relationship with her father has been a topic of discussion before. In response to a fan’s comment calling her post ‘disrespectful,’ Doja Cat retorted, ‘Gave me a lazy eye and dipped.’ She has previously opened up about her estranged relationship with her dad in various interviews. On Radio One D.C., she shared, ‘He’s an incredible dancer and a great actor. But yeah, I don’t know him very well.’ Similarly, in a Rolling Stone interview, she admitted, ‘I felt confused, a little bit. It’s a little strange to see everybody else with their dad, and you didn’t even really have one.’

Dlamini, who resides in South Africa, has spoken positively about Doja Cat’s success. In an interview with GQ South Africa, he said, ‘I’m so proud of her for what she has achieved. I’m not surprised, because it’s in the blood.’

Despite the surprising reaction at the Parklife Festival and the public airing of family issues, Doja Cat continues to captivate fans with her performances and openness about her personal life.

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