DDG has set the internet abuzz with the jaw-dropping fees he charges for featuring on an artist’s track. It all began when the YouTuber-turned-rapper shared a DM exchange on his Instagram Story, revealing his rate: $750,000 for a song and a whopping $1 million if the artist wants a video as well.

Though often known for his trolling, DDG stood by these staggering numbers even as the post gained traction on various blogs. In a retweet of Say Cheese’s post, he mentioned, “I charged $2 million when ‘Moonwalking’ was hot, y’all betta get the discounted feature now before I get my next hit.”

He doubled down on his pricing structure again, replying to the Daily Loud’s post with a humorous twist: “iight since yall think im taxing, i’ll throw in a youtube mukbang, one picture with my son & a free facetime call with woo wop. last offer.”

Aside from his hefty fees, DDG has also been sharing aspects of his personal life, particularly his role as a partner to Halle Bailey and a father to their son, Halo. Speaking with The Shade Room in their ‘Keep It 100’ series back in April, he opened up about their family dynamics.

“I’m his stylist. I made sure I told Halle that was my job,” DDG said proudly regarding their son’s public appearances. “We collaborate now, but when it comes to popping out to special events like playdates, I feel like that’s where I come in and put together the best outfits for him.”

He also shared a sentimental touch about their son’s name, noting its connection to Halle’s name. “He has my last name so I kind of wanted him to have something of Halle’s, so it’s like H-A-L is hers and H-A-L is his. It looks the same if you put Halle and Halo next to each other.”

The couple had announced Halo’s birth in January following months of speculation about Halle Bailey’s pregnancy.

DDG’s revelation about his feature fees has certainly made waves, adding another layer to his already multifaceted persona. Whether or not these sky-high rates are worth it is another question, but DDG clearly knows his value and isn’t shy about sharing it.

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