Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s daughter, Monaco Mai Jenkins, is thriving despite her parents’ tumultuous split. On a recent vacation to the Philippines, Jeannie Mai, the television personality, shared adorable clips of their two-year-old showcasing her budding Vietnamese language skills.

Jeannie, whose heritage includes Chinese and Vietnamese roots, had a playful moment with Monaco on the beach. She quizzed the little girl to identify ‘water’ and ‘sand’ in Vietnamese, and Monaco responded accurately with ‘nước’ and ‘cát’ after a brief pause.

Jeannie shared her excitement on social media, posting, ‘It’s offish. Coco loves pansit, sisig, bangus, chicken binakol, dinuguan, and duh halo-halo. Our summer’s just gettin started hunnay.’

Amidst this heartwarming scene, Jeezy continues to grapple with the custody arrangements following their separation. Back in April, the rapper, who initially sought sole custody, adjusted his request, advocating for a temporary parenting schedule to ensure both parents spend equal time with their daughter.

Jeezy has accused Jeannie of restricting his access to Monaco, asserting in court that she has prevented him from seeing his child for most of 2024. He has also refuted her claims regarding the safety concerns over his firearms, stating that they were never a risk to the family.

Moreover, Jeezy has mentioned that he is unable to communicate with Monaco via FaceTime as Jeannie has blocked his number. Earlier, he had petitioned for primary custody, citing that he did not consent to Jeannie and Monaco moving out of their shared home. He alleged that Monaco was kept from him for over two months, prompting his bid for full custody.

As this legal battle unfolds, it is clear that despite the parental conflicts, little Monaco is flourishing and enjoying her childhood adventures.

While Jeezy and Jeannie navigate their complicated separation, their daughter Monaco continues to charm everyone with her linguistic talents and joyous spirit. Her ability to learn and engage with her mother’s cultural roots during their vacation is heartening to see.

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