Charlamagne Tha God isn’t holding back when it comes to advice for Kai Cenat. He thinks that old school journalists just don’t want to see the streamer succeed.

Charlamagne shared his thoughts on the Brilliant Idiots podcast with Andrew Schulz, bluntly stating, “Stay away from these dirty ass n****s, these Hip-Hop f*cking old school journalists who don’t really wanna see you succeed. You ain’t never even claim to be a journalist.

One of Charlamagne’s friends had recently been upset that Cenat didn’t know the title of JAY-Z’s first album, ‘Reasonable Doubt’. Charlamagne put things in perspective, noting, “JAY-Z’s first album is older than Kai Cenat. Reasonable Doubt is 26. Kai is 22. I don’t care that he don’t know that.”

This isn’t the first time Charlamagne has stood up for Cenat. Earlier this year, Elliott Wilson criticized the streamer, but Charlamagne was quick to praise him. Cenat took to social media, commenting, “Elliott did respond immediately to Nicki’s tweet about him, but the way I viewed it was like, right now in today’s day and age, people been doing it for so long that it’s been the same for years and years. But when there’s a new thing that’s out, they can’t really grasp and understand it. So sh*t like that don’t necessarily bother me because I know the position I’m in and I know I’m young, bro. I have a whole journey ahead of me.”

Charlamagne Tha God seems keen to support Kai Cenat against criticisms from traditional journalists, urging the young streamer to focus on his own path rather than outdated expectations.

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