Boosie Badazz had a rough day recently when he discovered that his Sprinter van had been broken into by thieves.

The rapper, known for always having plenty of cash on him, took to social media to share his frustration and the aftermath of the break-in. A video clip he posted showed broken glass scattered all over the street, a clear sign that the van’s windows had been smashed.

Fortunately, Boosie mentioned that he had kept his cash with him, so the thieves didn’t manage to get away with any money. However, they did make off with some essential and personal items. Among the stolen goods were Boosie’s insulin, some fake jewelry, a few clothing items, and the charger for his ankle monitor.

Boosie, who needs insulin for his diabetes, could face serious health issues without it. Moreover, the loss of his ankle monitor charger poses another problem, as he could get into trouble with authorities if the device dies. Despite these setbacks, the rapper expressed gratitude that the thieves didn’t manage to steal anything else.

In his video, Boosie didn’t hold back his feelings, stating, “Old bum a** motherf*cker broke into my sprinter. He ain’t got sh*t.” It’s clear he’s hoping to replace or recover the stolen items soon, especially considering this isn’t the first time he’s had issues with his ankle monitor charger. Not long ago, he left it at an airport and had to put out a $5,000 cash reward to get it back.

Boosie Badazz remains hopeful that he can replace or retrieve the stolen items. The incident reflects the challenges and unexpected hurdles faced by public figures, even when it comes to their health and personal security.

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