Boosie Badazz recently faced a frustrating ordeal when his sprinter van was broken into, and the thieves took off with crucial items, including his insulin.

Taking to Instagram on June 8, the rapper shared a video showing the damage, with visible shattered glass everywhere. In a follow-up comment, Boosie expressed his frustration, saying, ‘The only thing you got is my insulin. They took all my insulin.’

Adding to his troubles, Boosie also mentioned in his caption that the robbers made off with his ankle monitor charger. He wrote, ‘IF ANY ONE IN ODESSA TX HAVE HUMALOG (the blue pin) n LANTIS (the grey pin) PLEASE CALL +1 (512) 982-8180 2052157895 7088301200 r dm me I REALLY NEED THIS ASAP R IF U CAN BRING IT TO AUSTIN AIRPORT I FKY OUT AT 12 noon N THEY TOOK MY ANKLE MONITOR CHARGER smh now I gotta find a FED OFFICE OPEN N TEXAS.’

Interestingly, Boosie had recently taken to social media to commend himself for popularizing fishing, a hobby he proudly showcased. ‘FISHING THE NEW THANG,’ he tweeted, jokingly adding, ‘EVERYWHERE I GO PEOPLE FISHING. I THEN STARTED SOMETHING lol.’

DaBaby joined in on the fun with a parody post. In late May, Boosie shared an image of himself beside six freshly caught fish, holding up a notebook that had ‘7’ scribbled on it. DaBaby humorously responded with his own Instagram Story, presenting a photo of Boosie holding a notebook marked ‘142.’

Boosie has made waves with his fishing escapades, claiming earlier this year that he caught 126 fish, which he later topped with 142 catches. He even mimicked Wilt Chamberlain’s legendary 100-point game photo by holding a notebook with ‘126’ written on it while sitting behind his impressive haul.

Moreover, he addressed his fans in a playful video captioned, ‘STOP PLAYIN WITH A FISHATERIAN my fishin videos will be on BOOSIEUNCUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL TODAY SUBSCRIBE NOW.’ Boosie continued in a second video, ‘Woke up a lot of people in they feelings about me catching fish. Don’t get mad at me! Rest of the year, all fishing season, all I’m eating is fish. I’m a fishaterian. God told you he gon’ put hooks in they jaws!’

Boosie’s break-in ordeal hasn’t dampened his spirits, as he continues to embrace his love for fishing and engage with his fans. Despite the setback, he remains upbeat and humorous, as evidenced by his interactions on social media.

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