Earlier this week, Ryan Garcia stirred up the internet with a wild conspiracy theory, claiming that Drake was behind the death of XXXTentacion. The accusation, posted on Garcia’s Twitter, left many in shock and disbelief. Vory, a close associate of Drake, quickly stepped in to defend his friend.

Taking to his Instagram Story, Vory passionately shut down the rumor: “Why do yall keep playing w @champagnepapi like he’s not the greatest of all times,” he wrote. “I’ve been silent for months but come on now bro do yall understand who tf this man is!!! Stop believing the goofy a** sh*t. DRAKE IS DRAKE ACCEPT it! N****s got real life going on fr. OVO took me in as a lil brotha since I was 19 I’m 26 now I could never n will never. Same w Ye.”

Vory didn’t just stop at defending Drake. He doubled down on his loyalty to the OVO family, saying, “Sorry to break yall hearts, but Drake & the whole OVO is my family forever.” This declaration shows how much Vory values his relationship with Drake and the OVO team.

Meanwhile, DJ Scheme, a close friend of XXXTentacion, also weighed in on Garcia’s claim. He acknowledged that while the conspiracy isn’t true, he harbors personal issues with Drake. “My Only Issue Is That After My Brother Died All Drake Did Was Throw Shots To Look More Gangster. So To Wrap Things Up It’s Still F*ck Drake,” he stated boldly.

The internet erupted with mixed reactions. Some fans applauded Vory’s unwavering support, while others echoed DJ Scheme’s sentiments. It’s clear that loyalty and personal grievances are at the heart of this fiery exchange, highlighting the complexity of relationships in the music industry.

As the dust settles, it’s evident that Drake’s allies are ready to stand up for him at any cost. Whether these conspiracy theories hold any weight or are just fodder for social media drama, one thing remains clear: the loyalty within the OVO camp is stronger than ever.

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