In a recent interview with Carlos King, Trina expressed her belief that she has earned a place in the conversation about the top five female rappers of all time. She argued that her influence on the industry is undeniable and that many recognized names have either worked with her or been inspired by her.

“I feel like I know what I’ve done and I feel like even your top 5 has been at some point influenced by me,” she said. “I know, or probably even worked with or loved – even idolized. It’s probably somebody I really support and love in the industry.”

The debate became even more heated when The Neighborhood Talk shared the clip on Instagram. Fans had mixed reactions. One user commented, “No shade we gotta give Trina her flowers. She’s a staple in female rap that doesn’t get enough recognition.” Conversely, another remarked, “I love Trina, but let’s be real, she is not in the top 5, she may not even be in the top 10 if we are being honest…”

Trina also touched on her frequent nominations at the BET Awards, lamenting that she rarely took home a win. Additionally, she discussed her current relationship with Nicki Minaj, another artist frequently listed among top female rappers. Although Trina admitted they haven’t spoken in years, she expressed genuine happiness for Nicki’s success. “I’m proud, like, you’re deserving of this… and now it’s like phenomenal, and you’re just looking at the growth — you just got your son,” she said. “I’m just happy for you, even if you over here and I’m over here, but I’m just happy for you. And I feel like everything that’s happening for her, she deserves.”

The conversation around who deserves a spot in the top five female rappers is always a heated one, and Trina’s recent comments have certainly added more fuel to the fire. Whether or not she secures a spot in everyone’s top five, her influence on the industry and her peers is unquestionable.

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