Ice Spice’s new hairstyle has stirred up quite the conversation online, and it’s not going unnoticed. The rapper recently teased her upcoming album Y2K! on social media, sporting a fresh new bob. This departure from her usual curls or sleek locks led to immediate comparisons with Nicki Minaj, who has sported similar styles in the past. Given their history of collaborations, some fans were quick to accuse Ice Spice of mimicking Nicki’s look a bit too closely.

With chatter growing louder, Ice Spice’s hairstylist took to Twitter/X to showcase her creative work. She posted a side-by-side image comparing Ice Spice’s new look with that of Princess Diana, captioning it, “Reference was Princess Diana, and she nailed it! She really is the modern Princess Diana.” This was clearly intended to squash the Nicki Minaj comparisons, but it seems to have done the opposite.

A critic was quick to respond with, “Reference was Nicki Minaj actually,” sparking a defensive reply from Ice Spice’s stylist: “Not everything is about Nicki. This was a Princess Diana recreation, aka what she and the general public have been calling her since she started rapping.” Despite this clarification, the accusations of style-biting only intensified.

In the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk, one Instagram user boldly stated, “Everything is about Nicki,” while another remarked, “Baby that’s a Nicki wig. Next!” However, there are those who believe the debate is overblown and that the hairstyle’s origins, whether Princess Diana or Nicki Minaj, shouldn’t be made into a big deal.

The debate surrounding Ice Spice’s new hairstyle shows no signs of slowing down as fans and critics alike weigh in. Whether inspired by Princess Diana or Nicki Minaj, it’s clear that Ice Spice’s look has people talking. Only time will tell if the chatter fades or if her hairstylist’s explanation finally puts the debate to rest.

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