Sukihana is well aware that her music isn’t exactly family-friendly, but she’s standing firm in her right to perform it. Yet, she acknowledges that a shift in her content is on the horizon.

In a chat on the My Expert Opinion with Math Hoffa podcast, Sukihana emphasized that her music is for adults, and parents should keep their kids away from it. “I don’t let my kids listen to my music. I’m an adult entertainer,” she stated, adding that she might make children’s songs one day. She believes kids should stay within their age-appropriate content.

Acknowledging her growth, Sukihana admitted she feels responsible for making music more suitable for younger listeners. “I have grown and matured as a woman and so I do plan on making more music that children could listen to. Because I do have an influence on a lot of people. And I know that I have to change it up because that’s what I’m here to do,” she said.

Recently, Sukihana released a provocative track targeting JT of the City Girls. Following some online sparring, she dropped the song on May 7, featuring a striking chorus and pointed verses. She attacked JT with lines like, “Girl, you foamin’ out your mouth, is it rabies?” and went after her appearance and relationships with other artists.

Sukihana hinted at this diss track a week before its release on X (formerly Twitter), saying she would roast JT in the booth instead of online: “I was finna roast tf out of floptavia aka Ms. Shitty girl during her coke rant but I’m gone take it to the booth and show you I can really rap bum ass long tittie bed bug looking winchhhhhhhhhhhh.”

While Sukihana prides herself on her edgy music, she’s not oblivious to the growing need for change. Recognizing her influence, she’s gearing up to explore more kid-friendly avenues without completely abandoning her signature style.

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