Soulja Boy stirred the pot once again by bringing back the rumors about Diddy and Meek Mill having a sexual relationship—and all because of a hoodie mix-up.

Over the weekend, Soulja Boy went live on Instagram while he was out with his crew. During the stream, he noticed one of his friends rocking the same hoodie he had on. The rapper couldn’t help but comment, ‘This n-gga got the same hoodie, no Diddy, man. I ain’t on that Meek Mill-Diddy shit. I ain’t on no Diddy shit, man. He just so happened to get the same hoodie I got. I ain’t on that Diddy shit, bro. I ain’t fucking with that Diddy shit. No Diddy, n-gga. On my momma. Everybody say, ‘No Diddy.’”

This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has referenced these rumors. He previously mocked Meek Mill after the Philadelphia rapper got involved in his feud with 21 Savage. In a now-deleted tweet, Meek told Soulja, ‘Soulja if you say you’re gonna smoke somebody and they see you and actually smoke you it’s self defence… y’all losing touch if reality for some likes and clout insane.’

Soulja didn’t hold back and shot back with, ‘Didn’t Diddy fuck u in the ass?’

Meek Mill has publicly denied any such relationship with Diddy. He referenced the rumors in a statement on X, saying, ‘I’m from Philly I don’t do coke or freaky ass molly … nobody won’t even offer me coke because I’m that heavy …. No man or watt would ever approach me about gay activity and the whole place don’t get flipped … woke up seeing this on every blog like they know I’m coming! Lol.’

Meek added, ‘That’s why I always come around all these industry n-ggas with my real friends. You never catch me around anybody from the industry alone.. you can’t even hold a convo without my dawgs stepping in the room it’s been that way … I can’t til yall find out I’m the illest in this shit lol.’

He continued, ‘The 2 things they say … we snitching or we gay …. we generating 100’s of millions from music it’s not a coincidence we all gay and snitches …. They are powering this stuff even if it’s fake! The goal is to disrupt the hip hop community…. I own this music that drop tomar play it!!!!!’

Amid all this, Meek also had to clarify he did not follow a gay porn page on X, even though users had proof that he did.

Soulja Boy’s hoodie incident has reignited old rumors and accusations, bringing heated denials and clarifications from Meek Mill. The drama in the hip hop world is never-ending, and this latest chapter just adds more fuel to the fire.

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