Sexyy Red, now a household name with her explicit lyrics and carefree persona, recently took a moment from her hectic schedule to brighten a fan’s day in a big way.

In a recent clip, the ‘SkeeYee’ rapper is seen stopped in the road with her music blasting. A homeless man is dancing alongside her car, holding a large stack of cash. Clearly grateful, he thanks her for the generous gift. But she didn’t stop there; Sexyy Red decided to give him even more, leading to a huge smile on his face.

Instagram users couldn’t help but praise the St. Louis-born star. Comments poured in, with one user stating, ‘You don’t have to like Sexyy but you can’t deny this was an amazing thing to do.’ Another added, ‘She deserves all the hype.’

Sexyy Red has had a busy couple of years, recently releasing her new mixtape ‘In Sexyy We Trust,’ featuring high-profile collaborations with artists like Drake and Lil Baby. Despite her wild antics and raunchy raps sparking controversy, moments like these show a different side to the rapper, one that fans can rally behind.

While Sexyy Red’s career continues to soar, her recent act of kindness reminds us that success hasn’t changed her authentic self. It’s moments like these that reveal her true character and make her easy to root for, no matter what you think of her music.

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