Rick Ross found himself at the center of social media attention once again, but this time it was for trying one of Bun B’s vegan burgers. In a video that has fans buzzing, Ross enthusiastically garnished the burger in front of a large crowd, leading to a wave of humorous comments.

Fans quickly picked up on Ross’ apparent lack of enjoyment. Comments poured in, many poking fun at his weight. One user remarked, “this n*gga been on ozempic and hasn’t shed a single pound😭.” Another joked, “Bro was peeling off the lettuce 😭😭,” while a third quipped, “That man ain’t ever had a vegetable in his life.”

The video also brought up Ross’ recent issues with Drake. One comment read, “Drake ended this man’s career so badly he turned into a food reviewer 😂.” Others simply pointed out the bizarre nature of the video, calling the whole arrangement strange and confusing.

Over the weekend, Ross also hosted another car show, which turned out to be more chaotic than expected. Fans labeled the event overrun and disorganized, with some even demanding refunds. However, Ross seemed unfazed by the criticism, brushing it off in his response. It’s clear that he continues to captivate fans, whether through his music, car shows, or unexpected vegan burger tastings.

While Rick Ross may not have enjoyed the vegan burger, the video has certainly provided plenty of entertainment for his fans. From weight jokes to career jabs, the internet wasted no time in roasting the rapper. Despite any criticism, Ross remains unbothered, continuing to live his life in the public eye.

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