Rick Ross recently shared his plans to open a zoo, and his reasons are quite unique.

Taking to his Instagram Stories on June 6, Rick Ross revealed that he has already obtained a license to open a zoo. With excitement, he explained, “When you’re in the presence of a boss, this is what you gotta realize. And you may be just like my homie standing here saying that he cannot believe that I’m going to have two elephants that I can take care of, and nurture. That’s why I’ve already filed for my zoo license.”

Ross didn’t stop there. He also mentioned his plans to acquire two giraffes, noting that feeding them would require climbing up somewhere tall. The rapper has already envisioned how his zoo could be used in future projects, like providing animals for Eddie Murphy’s potential film, ‘Coming to America 3.’

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Rick Ross has made headlines for his extravagant endeavors. Just recently, he took to Instagram on May 31, right before his 3rd annual Rick Ross Car & Bike Show, to challenge anyone to show a better car collection than his. “I got a question online. Who got a better car collection than Ricky Rozay?… We can talk classics and include the foreigns as well. We ain’t stunting, we just wanna know.”

Ross showcased part of his impressive collection, highlighting his Rolls Royces and assorted Chevrolets. Adding to the excitement, he announced the prizes for his car show. Winners would take home a 37 carat VVS diamond car key worth $130,000, a prize he described as unprecedented. Accompanied by jeweler Vobara, he emphasized the authenticity and value of the prize, stating, “Real stones. We’re putting our money where our mouth at. This is something that’s never been done.”

From opening a zoo to flaunting an unparalleled car collection, Rick Ross continues to surprise and entertain his fans with his larger-than-life ventures.

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