In the wild world of rap beefs, Rick Ross recently found himself at the center of a chaotic scene at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver. Alleged Drake fans reportedly confronted the rapper after he requested Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” from the DJ, leading to an all-out brawl. Amid the uproar, where Ross was seen in footage getting punched, rumors about injuries began to swirl.

Social media predictably had a field day with the incident. Ross’s ex-wife, Tia Kemp, didn’t shy away from joining the fray. She hinted that Ross was hiding injuries, especially when he posted a photo of himself on a jet, sipping orange juice. Kemp teased him with comments like ‘Hiding that [eye emoji],’ coupled with some laughing emojis, suggesting that he was covering up a black eye.

However, Rick Ross quickly debunked these claims. He posted a close-up video of his face, showing off his unscathed eyes and laughing off the rumors. From his perspective, he walked away from the scuffle without any major injuries. In the clip, his face appeared unmarked, and he seemed amused by the speculation.

Meanwhile, Tia Kemp continued to stoke the fire. She appeared to find joy in the situation, saying Ross was glad the fight happened. She even took her trolling to Drake’s social media, where she called herself his ‘goat,’ prompting Drake to respond positively. Ross fired back with a snappy retort, calling it a ‘pedo vs granny’ scenario.

The incident sparked plenty of online chatter and memes, but Ross remained adamant that he was far from defeated. Despite the viral footage and Kemp’s relentless jabs, he maintained that he was injury-free.

Whether or not you believe Rick Ross’s side of the story, one thing is clear: the drama is far from over. With social media as their battleground, it looks like Ross and his ex-wife will continue to exchange jabs for the foreseeable future. For now, Rick Ross stands firm, showing off a face that he insists is untouched by the melee triggered by his song request.

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