Pop Smoke’s alleged killer shocked many by appearing at No Jumper in Los Angeles, demanding payment for their coverage of his recent release from prison.

The man, recently freed from a juvenile detention center just in time for his 21st birthday, approached No Jumper with specific demands. ‘You got all these people following me. All these people doing all this extra sh*t,’ he said, insisting that No Jumper compensate him for their coverage of his release. He didn’t stop there, ending his tirade with a threat, urging them not to cover him again without payment.

Interestingly, No Jumper seemed unfazed by this confrontation. They shared the entire incident on their Instagram account, sparking a flurry of comments from users. One comment that stood out mentioned other notorious figures still walking free while questioning the justice system. ’69 is alive and well, George Zimmerman is alive and well, nipsey killer is chilling and so is Vons Killer. Nobody gon do none and we’ve seen it happen time and time an time again,’ the user noted. Another follower was perplexed by the man’s early release, saying, ‘I am still perplexed how you can takes someone life and be out in the streets a few years later. But people are locked up for decades over non violent drug offenses??!’

While this alleged killer roams free, another suspect in Pop Smoke’s murder is yet to face trial. Corey Walker, the only defendant who was an adult at the time of the crime, was slated to start his trial this week. However, negotiations with the prosecution have stalled. Walker has pled not guilty to charges of murder, robbery, and burglary. His lawyer, Deion Benjamin, mentioned to Rolling Stone, ‘Negotiations fell through, but there’s still a possibility we’ll come to an agreement. A few things need to be ironed out. If they don’t get resolved, we’ll go to trial.’ Unless both parties reach an agreement, the trial will proceed on August 6.

It’s a tangled web involving multiple defendants, delayed trials, and emotional court proceedings, all while the Instagram sphere buzzes with every update. As these legal battles unfold, the late rapper Pop Smoke remains at the center of a story that’s far from over.

Keep an eye on social media for the latest updates on this ongoing case as new developments continue to emerge.

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