Nelly and Ashanti’s surprise romance in 2024 has been a rollercoaster, and it’s getting even more interesting. After weeks of rumors and public appearances, the couple announced they were not only expecting a baby but also engaged. This double whammy left fans buzzing.

However, not all the buzz has been positive. Recently, a fan on Instagram decided to weigh in on the couple’s relationship status, causing a bit of a stir. The fan questioned whether Ashanti would be taking Nelly’s last name, suggesting they weren’t a real family unless she did.

Nelly was quick to shut down the comment. He clarified that they are indeed the Haynes family, bringing some much-needed reassurance to both fans and curious onlookers given the couple’s wholesome and public relationship journey.

It seems some fans have been oddly aggressive online about Nelly and Ashanti’s situation. Despite this, the couple has shared their joy openly, further cementing their love through Mother’s Day photos and social media posts.

This isn’t the first time the couple has had to address public scrutiny since rekindling their relationship and confirming Ashanti’s pregnancy. Still, they handle it with grace, focusing on their future together rather than the naysayers.

Nelly’s firm response serves as a reminder that while public figures may share parts of their lives, they are still entitled to set boundaries. As Nelly and Ashanti prepare for their next chapter, their story remains heartwarming to many fans who root for their happiness.

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