PinkPantheress has stirred the pot with her opinion on how long a song should be. The rising star, known for her short, catchy tracks, believes no track needs to be longer than two minutes and thirty seconds.

Her career has thrived on creating brief, DIY-style songs that have found massive appeal, especially on social media platforms like TikTok. Her success peaked with the Ice Spice-supported remix of ‘Boy’s a Liar,’ but not everyone is a fan of her concise musical approach. Critics frequently argue that her songs are too short, a sentiment PinkPantheress herself does not share.

In a recent interview with ABC, she defended the brevity of her tracks, explaining that her songs don’t include bridges or unnecessarily long outros, which keeps them short. According to her, this makes the music more impactful and to the point. Her comment has sparked a lively debate among fans, who are now discussing what the ideal song length should be.

Following the interview, PinkPantheress released her latest single, ‘Turn It Up,’ her first new track of 2024. True to form, it sticks to her dancy pop style and even samples Selena’s ‘Dreaming Of You.’ Fans noticed the sample when she teased the track on TikTok, generating significant buzz around the release.

Earlier in the year, she was spotted hanging out with Ice Spice and emerging R&B star Tyla. This led to fans calling for a collaboration among the three, with some envisioning them as a potential girl group.

So, what’s your take on PinkPantheress’ opinion that songs shouldn’t be longer than two and a half minutes? Is there an ideal length for most tracks? The debate is ongoing, with fans sharing their thoughts on various social media platforms.

Whether you agree with PinkPantheress or not, her stance has certainly sparked an interesting conversation about the evolving nature of music in the age of social media. Her latest releases and potential collaborations promise to keep fans eagerly listening.

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