Omarion surprised everyone by sharing his choreography for Kendrick Lamar’s diss track “Not Like Us” on Instagram. Considering the song’s massive popularity and its unexpected viral reach, his video caught a lot of attention—but not exactly the kind he might have hoped for.

Shared on Instagram, Omarion’s dance moves for “Not Like Us” generated a flurry of reactions from fans, most of whom were not impressed. Comments ranged from those mocking the choreography to others questioning if it could even be classified as dancing. One user commented, “He not even dancing he showing off his fit 😂😂,” while another added, “Omarion just did a bunch of NOTHING!!!”

The diss track, which is a part of the ongoing beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, has taken on a life of its own. Produced by Mustard, “Not Like Us” distinguishes itself from other tracks in the feud by being particularly catchy, laden with memorable lyrics, and topping charts. It debuted at number one on the Hot 100 and set a new Spotify record for the most streams by a rap song within a 24-hour period, previously held by Drake and Lil Baby’s “Girls Want Girls.”

Despite its success, Omarion’s attempt to bring a dance routine to the track did not meet the expectations of fans. While it’s common for hit songs to inspire dance challenges and choreography, a diss track prompting such a trend is rather unusual.

Omarion, known for his smooth dance moves and as a member of B2K, might have expected a more positive reception. However, it seems fans weren’t onboard with his vision this time. Whether this will impact future dance trends for diss tracks remains to be seen.

It’s clear that while “Not Like Us” continues to break records and make waves, Omarion’s dance moves didn’t strike a chord with fans. The track’s success, however, remains undeniable, continuing to dominate music charts and streaming platforms.

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