• Kendrick Lamar filmed a music video for ‘Not Like Us’ in Compton.
  • DJ Mustard was spotted wearing a Toronto Blue Jays hat during the shoot.
  • The song is believed to be a part of Lamar’s feud with Drake.
  • Speculations arose about DJ Mustard’s hat being a jab at Drake.
  • The video is highly anticipated by fans.

Kendrick Lamar caused quite a stir in Compton over the weekend while filming a music video for his track ‘Not Like Us’. A massive crowd of fans and peers gathered to witness the event, amplifying the buzz around the song associated with his ongoing feud with Drake.

Adding fuel to the fire, DJ Mustard, who produced the track, was seen wearing a Toronto Blue Jays hat during the video shoot. This choice of headwear sparked discussions online, with many believing it to be another subtle jab at Drake, who hails from Toronto and has often shown affection for the city’s baseball team.

The anticipation for this music video is through the roof, especially given the song’s controversial lyrics. In ‘Not Like Us,’ Kendrick doesn’t hold back, making bold accusations against Drake and his crew. Fans are eager to see if the video will include more subliminal shots at Drake or if DJ Mustard’s hat is a mere coincidence.

Various social media platforms have been buzzing with theories and expectations. The video promises to be explosive, filled with potential cameos and special guests that only add to the excitement.

With the music video shoot making waves, it’s clear that fans and viewers are eagerly awaiting the final product.

The anticipation for ‘Not Like Us’ is at an all-time high, keeping everyone on their toes.

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