Things have taken a heated turn between Moneybagg Yo and Big 30, two prominent faces from Memphis. A leaked diss track has stirred the pot, and fans are bracing for the fallout.

Years ago, Moneybagg Yo signed Big 30 to his Bread Gang label, and together they began making waves in Memphis. However, tensions have now boiled over with a diss track from Moneybagg targeting Big 30. In the track, Moneybagg Yo accuses Big 30 of losing his momentum in the rap game, having a gambling problem, and more. Moneybagg was clear in his lyrics: ‘I want everybody to win if I sign you, I’m letting you win, I’m not holding [__] back. Fans are going to feel who they feel.’ He accuses Big 30 of attempting to go behind his back and claims that he provided Big 30 with a shot in the rap game, but that Big 30 fumbled it and blamed Moneybagg for his issues.

Big 30 responded, stating that Moneybagg wasn’t even addressing him in the first part of the track but another artist, Tripstar. Big 30 also claimed Moneybagg never bought him anything and that people in Memphis know the real story. He insisted that he repaid Moneybagg nearly a million dollars to get out of his contract and walked away with almost 2 million in his pockets. He also accused Moneybagg of signing artists for protection in the city and called out Moneybagg for not attending the funeral of Nuskie, Big 30’s cousin who was also signed to Bread Gang.

Before his death, Nuskie was one of the most active duos in the city. He was introduced to Bread Gang by Big 30 and had a close relationship with Moneybagg. Despite Nuskie’s tragic death in 2022, Moneybagg and Big 30’s relationship deteriorated further. Big 30, who started his rap journey with his friend Pooh Shiesty in their group Choppa Gang, had made a significant name for himself before signing with Bread Gang.

However, things took a hit when Pooh Shiesty got locked up, and Big 30 himself faced multiple legal issues. Despite their individual successes, their careers stalled due to these setbacks. At one point, Big 30 and Pooh Shiesty were poised to dominate the game, but legal troubles and internal beefs, like the one with Gucci Mane, affected their momentum.

Moneybagg has had his share of falling outs with other artists and crews. Coming up in Memphis, Moneybagg originally repped his crew, Young Mob, but changed lanes when he signed with Yo Gotti. This decision caused friction, with some believing Moneybagg had turned his back on his roots. Despite the backlash, Moneybagg adhered to his decision, reasoning that the deal with Yo Gotti was a significant opportunity.

Not everyone abandoned Moneybagg. Following Big 30’s recent social media jabs, Moneybagg’s cousin, Big Homie G, came to his defense, denying claims that Moneybagg needed protection. According to Big Homie G, ‘We ain’t never signed nobody for protection. We went around the world six deep with Choppers and Glocks, and I’m going to leave it at that. Protection was never needed.’

The tension between Moneybagg Yo and Big 30 doesn’t seem to be dissipating anytime soon. Big 30 has vowed to destroy Moneybagg in the booth, but whether this feud stays in the studio or spills over into the streets remains to be seen.

Only time will tell how this beef between Moneybagg Yo and Big 30 will unfold. Both artists have deep connections to the streets of Memphis, a city already known for its perilous environment for rappers.

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