Macklemore finds himself the subject of a diss track by Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Remedy in reaction to Macklemore’s pro-Palestine song, “Hind’s Hall.”

Remedy, who first appeared on the Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm album in 1998 with a track educating listeners about the Holocaust, took aim at Macklemore in his new song and video “Ben,” released on May 30. In the diss track, Remedy criticizes Macklemore for previously dressing up in what he describes as “antisemitic stereotypical Jewish garb” and questions Macklemore’s controversial win over Kendrick Lamar at the Grammys.

Remedy also challenges several points Macklemore made about Israel, apartheid, colonialism, and genocide in his advocacy for Palestine. Remedy has pledged to donate the profits from “Ben” to Polyphony, an organization that aims to bridge the divide between Palestinian and Israeli communities using music as a medium.

Earlier in May, Macklemore released “Hind’s Hall” in support of nationwide demonstrations, dedicating all proceeds from the song to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees. The song takes its name from an incident in April where a group of staff, students, alumni, and allies occupied Hamilton Hall and renamed it “Hind’s Hall” to honor Hind Rajab, a six-year-old Palestinian girl killed by the Israeli Defense Forces earlier this year.

In December, Macklemore explained his stance on social media, stressing that his call to “Free Palestine” is about protecting everyone and promoting equality, respect, peace, and love. “My intention is to never offend anyone. I want every soul in this arena to feel the reflection of love. But there’s innocent humans out in Gaza getting murdered with our dollars, and those precious human lives are an extension of us,” he shared.

“I can’t get up here and jump around in a fur coat and pretend while in my gut … my gut’s saying, ‘you know better, Ben.’ The ancestors yelling, ‘You’d better step up for us!’” Macklemore continued. “I love my Jewish brothers and sisters so much, and my perspective is one that’s saying ‘Free Palestine’ is also rooted in your protection, my loves. And there isn’t a drop of anti-Semitic thought in my head or my blood. ‘Never again,’ means never again for all.”

The newly released diss track by Remedy has spotlighted the ongoing and highly sensitive debate surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within the music community. Both artists have vocalized their commitments to social causes, though from starkly different perspectives.

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