Lil Yachty received a mind-blowing, futuristic PR package from Jake Paul, and his reaction says it all.

  • On June 30, Lil Yachty shared his shock on social media about the gift.
  • The package included a fancy case with personal photos and a high-tech video message.
  • The video featured an AI-generated version of Yachty’s future self with a humorous message.
  • This entertaining stunt ties back to Jake Paul’s new men’s care line.

On June 30, Lil Yachty took to social media, utterly amazed by a gift from internet sensation Jake Paul. Yachty, also known as Miles McCollum, called it the ‘craziest PR package’ he had ever seen, and it’s easy to see why.

The package wasn’t your ordinary gift box. It included a custom-made case filled with personal memorabilia like old Polaroids from Yachty’s high school days. Quite a throwback! But that wasn’t all.

When Yachty opened the box, a screen lit up with a personalized video message. The twist? It was from an AI-generated version of his future self. The digital doppelgänger greeted, ‘Yo, Yachty, Miles, it’s you from the future.’



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In the amusing video, Future-Yachty informed his present self that by 2025, he had developed a ‘stank-ass musk,’ likening it to a ‘smelly burger.’ Apparently, even Drake, aka Aubrey, would refuse to share studio space due to the stench.

But fear not! The solution, as Future-Yachty revealed, was Jake Paul’s new men’s care line. Talk about a creative way to promote body wash!

To add another layer to the story, Jake Paul and Drake have history too. Back in early 2023, Paul lost a boxing match to Tommy Fury and humorously blamed it on Drake’s ‘curse’ after the rapper bet $400,000 on him. Despite the loss, Paul promised a victory in their rematch.

This wild PR stunt by Jake Paul not only surprised Lil Yachty but also entertained us all with its creativity and humor.

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