• Kid Cudi took to social media calling for more love and support in the hip-hop community.
  • He praised Hit-Boy, Strick, and Jaden Smith for their contributions.
  • Kid Cudi admitted he needs to do a better job of celebrating other artists.
  • He highlighted upcoming projects from Strick and Jaden Smith.
  • Kid Cudi and Jaden Smith have teased a collaborative project in the past.

Kid Cudi believes that the hip-hop community needs a lot more love and support. On June 11, he shared his thoughts on X, which was formerly known as Twitter, saying, “We need more love and support for one another in hip hop man. I gotta do better too.”

He continued, acknowledging that while he tries to showcase his friends’ work, he needs to go further in celebrating not just his friends but even artists he doesn’t know well but finds talented. “To spread the world, get cool shit out there I think u need to,” he added.

Using this opportunity, Kid Cudi gave a big shoutout to Hit-Boy, saying, “On that note if yall sleepin and aint seein the awesome shit Hit Boy doin yall better get w it.” Additionally, he acknowledged Strick, a Young Thug signee, who has an album coming out soon that Cudi believes will be amazing. He also mentioned looking forward to Jaden Smith’s new work, adding, “Jaden im checkin for him hes cookin.”

Kid Cudi and Hit-Boy are no strangers to collaboration. They’ve worked together on tracks like “Red Eye” from Cudi’s 2013 album Indicud, and “Old School Caddy” from Hit-Boy’s 2012 mixtape HITstory. As for Strick, Kid Cudi teamed up with him for the song “Moon Man” from the 2021 compilation album Slime Language 2.

Kid Cudi has a strong relationship with Jaden Smith, having worked together on the song “On My Own” from Jaden’s 2019 album ERYS. Although Jaden was supposed to join Cudi on his INSANO World Tour this year, the tour was canceled due to Cudi breaking his foot at Coachella.

Interestingly, Kid Cudi and Jaden Smith have even hinted at making a full album together. Cudi mentioned earlier this year on X, “Me and Jaden gonna make an album for all the trippy kids out there searchin beyond for something, searchin for that feelin. To be ALIVE.”

Kid Cudi’s call for more love and support in hip-hop underscores the importance of community in the music industry.

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