Kendrick Lamar and Drake have taken their longstanding rap feud to another level, delivering drama and hits that have fans buzzing.

Kendrick Lamar recently dropped his first true diss track against Drake titled ‘Euphoria’ on April 30th, and it made waves immediately. The song, packed with sharp bars aimed directly at Drake, didn’t even need a hook to leave a lasting impression. Fans have found themselves quoting lines from ‘Euphoria’ at the most random moments, indicating just how impactful the track has been.

On May 4th, Kendrick’s brilliance was certified as ‘Euphoria’ achieved platinum status. This milestone cements Kendrick’s position at the top of the rap game, further fueled by the fiery competition with Drake. The beef took an unexpected turn heading into 2024, but it’s clear now—Kendrick is not here to share the throne anymore.

This achievement with ‘Euphoria’ isn’t an isolated success for Kendrick this year. He has other platinum hits in 2024, including ‘Like That’ and ‘Not Like Us.’ These tracks are currently the fastest rap songs to achieve platinum status this year. With rumors swirling about a possible album drop, fans are eagerly speculating on what Kendrick will deliver next.

The feud between Kendrick and Drake has captivated the music world, marking one of the most memorable rap rivalries in recent history. Kendrick’s aggressive approach with tracks like ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Not Like Us’ has shown he’s willing to stake his claim as the rightful heir to the hip-hop throne.

Kendrick Lamar’s recent successes have only amplified his legendary status. With three platinum tracks already under his belt in 2024 and the potential for a new album release, Kendrick is undeniably at the peak of his career. It’s an exciting time for fans as they watch this rap titan continue to dominate the charts and the industry.

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