Kehlani has always been vocal about her support for the Palestinian people, and she has now taken her activism to a whole new level. The R&B singer announced that her latest line of merchandise has raised an impressive $555k, and she’s donating every penny to causes in Palestine, Sudan, and Congo.

Kehlani recently introduced her fourth studio album, ‘CRASH,’ which has already garnered excitement with its singles. Alongside this musical release, she launched a merchandise line aimed at raising funds for charitable causes. The result? A massive $555k donation.

The artist shared the news on Instagram, expressing her gratitude: ‘555k. no words. thank you, to you. thank you @operationolivebranch thank you @nolcollective thank you @simsim.jpegthank you God, thank YOU. free Palestine. free Congo free Sudan. land back. land back. land back.’

Kehlani’s outspoken support for Palestine has been well-documented, especially since tensions between Israel and Palestine intensified last October. By aligning her merchandise sales with charitable giving, she has turned her activism into substantial support. Operation Olive Branch, among other organizations, will benefit from her generous donation.

This act of philanthropy is more than just a financial contribution. It’s a statement of solidarity and an example of how public figures can leverage their influence to support global causes. Even as she prepares for the full release of ‘CRASH’ on June 21, Kehlani ensures that her platform is used for more than just music.

Kehlani’s donation is a powerful testament to her commitment to activism and support for vulnerable communities. It’s not just about the music; it’s about making a tangible difference.

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