Earlier this week, fans were buzzing when Kaliii and Hunxho were spotted together at a gas station, chatting in front of a fridge and causing quite a stir on social media.

A nearby fan captured the moment over a rack of Takis, sparking immediate speculation that the two might be more than friends. But contrary to the whirlwind of rumors, the duo was simply there for a music video shoot.

Today, Kaliii posted a clip on Twitter/X of herself dancing at what appears to be the same gas station, urging fans to pre-save her upcoming album, ‘Gas You Up,’ which features Hunxho. This isn’t the first time Hunxho found himself in a situation like this. Last month, he was seen in Gloss Up’s steamy ‘Come Here’ video, which also led to a flurry of speculations about his relationship with Keyshia Cole.

Gloss Up played along, posting flirty comments and tweets, adding fuel to the fire. Despite the drama, it seems that Hunxho and Keyshia Cole’s relationship remained intact.

However, fans remain skeptical. The comment section of The Neighborhood Talk saw fans questioning why Hunxho always seems to find himself in these scenarios. ‘Why every video he in, he gotta be touchy,’ one Instagram user asked. ‘Keyshia Cole strong as hell,’ another commented.

While the rumors swirl, it’s clear that Kaliii and Hunxho were just working on their latest project. Fans are now left anticipating their upcoming collab and what it might bring.

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