Jeezy is facing serious accusations from his estranged wife, Jeannie Mai, who claims that the rapper was abusive during their marriage. But, Jeezy isn’t alone in his defense. His ex-fiancée and one of his former nannies have stepped up to vouch for his character.

According to court documents, Mahlet Gebremedhin, the mother of Jeezy’s older daughter Amra, has filed an affidavit describing him as a devoted father who was never abusive towards her or their child. “I’ve witnessed Jay be a devoted, caring, and present Father to our daughter and his oldest child [son Jadarius],” she stated. “For almost four years, Jay’s eldest child lived with us, and I was able to see their relationship grow every day. At no point was Jay ever physically, mentally or emotionally abusive to his children or I.”

Similar support came from Minhee Hoffler, Jeezy’s former nanny. Hoffler described Jenkins as a hardworking man who is equally dedicated to his role as a father. “As a caretaker, I believe Mr. Jenkins gives his daughters the support they need as they grow into young women in the future. Mr. Jenkins is a hardworking person, but even a more hardworking dad,” Hoffler wrote.

In addition to Gebremedhin and Hoffler, close family friends have also spoken out in support of Jeezy. Robyn Wallace and Shelley Nichols, the latter whose husband is a close friend and real estate broker for Jeezy, both submitted statements defending his character.

On the other side, Jeannie Mai maintains that Jeezy was abusive. Her representatives argue that the affidavits are false and are attempts to distort the truth. “It seems Mr. Jenkins is trying to distort the truth once more by employing people to file false statements and claims against Ms. Mai, attempting to contradict real-time evidence and factual events. We are eager to present all the evidence in court,” her rep said in a statement to Page Six.

Jeezy has also presented WhatsApp conversations and screenshots from Jeannie Mai’s ovulation calendar, which he claims show that she was trying to have another child with him just before the accusations started. Mai initially made her claims in April, alleging that Jeezy subjected her to physical abuse and their child to neglect during an event in December 2022. Jeezy, however, has denied all allegations, calling them ‘100 percent false.’

As Jeezy and Jeannie Mai prepare to present their cases in court, both sides are gathering their evidence and testimonies. Whether the affidavits from Jeezy’s supporters will sway the court’s opinion remains to be seen, but the battle between the estranged couple is far from over.

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