FBG Butta, never one to shy away from making bold claims, recently set his sights on Lil Durk. In a chat with VladTV, Butta suggested that Durk’s freedom despite several legal entanglements might be due to him cooperating with federal authorities.

Butta finds it questionable that Durk, despite being embroiled in numerous cases, remains free. ‘His sh*t got brought up way more than mine,’ Butta remarked. ‘And he got some money too… He’s the feds, gang.’

The conspiracy theories didn’t stop there. He hinted that Lil Durk might have some connections to the Illuminati. When DJ Vlad mentioned the numerous deaths around Durk, from his brother to King Von, Butta commented, ‘Sounds like the Illuminati to me. Sounds like Illuminati sacrifices.’ According to Butta, record labels might be manipulating these situations.

It’s important to note that these are all Butta’s theories, with no confirmation. Lil Durk has yet to respond to these allegations.

This isn’t the first time Durk has faced criticism recently. Earlier this month, he showcased a new chain featuring the star of Islam, which didn’t sit well with many online. Critics called him out, suggesting his lifestyle doesn’t align with Islamic teachings and that men wearing chains is Haram.

FBG Butta’s comments have certainly stirred the pot, but until there’s any concrete evidence, they remain speculative. Lil Durk fans and critics alike will undoubtedly be watching closely for any developments.

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