Drake’s recent Instagram post is making waves, sparking rumors and debates.

  • Critics believe Drake’s beef with Kendrick Lamar is taking a toll on him.
  • He shared a photo from Michael Rubin’s white party with GloRilla.
  • Fans think he looks aged and weary in the photo.
  • Drake hasn’t addressed these rumors, keeping a low profile instead.

Drake has been a hot topic recently. Critics think his ongoing beef with Kendrick Lamar has made him look different. It’s no secret that Drake has had a rough few months. He’s been working on new music, moving houses, and dealing with ridicule after his public spat with Kendrick.

Despite the drama, Drake stepped out for a relaxing time at Michael Rubin’s annual white party. There, he mingled with various fellow artists. He even took to Instagram to share a photo with GloRilla, where she’s flashing a peace sign and Drake is barely smiling.

This photo has reignited claims that Drake appears to have aged. The chatter started after Rubin’s Independence Day bash photos surfaced. One critic commented, “Bro’s been aging like a president.” Another noted, “Bro look kinda defeated.” Whether Drake looks different or not is up for debate, but social media can’t seem to let it go.

Just as the feud was calming down, Kendrick Lamar stirred the pot again. He hosted a highly anticipated Pop Out show in LA and released a music video for “Not Like Us.” The video includes subtle digs at Drake and has already racked up close to 30 million views on YouTube.

Throughout this, Drake has kept a low profile, staying quiet on social media. He’s yet to comment on the rumors about his appearance or the ongoing feud with Kendrick Lamar.

Drake continues to make headlines, but he’s keeping mum on the aging rumors and the Kendrick Lamar feud.

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