Doja Cat is turning heads on the European leg of her Scarlet Tour. Recently, she gave fans an intimate glimpse behind the scenes with a sizzling photo dump on Instagram, showcasing her stunning outfits, makeup, and curvy looks.

Currently performing across Europe, Doja Cat is treating fans to live renditions of hits like ‘Paint The Town Red’ and ‘Agora Hills’ for the first time. Joining her for this leg of the tour is singer Hemlock Springs, who is the opening act for her shows in London and Newcastle.

The behind-the-scenes photos have been a hit among fans, who couldn’t get enough of Doja’s distinct style and eye-catching outfits. Comments on her post varied from admiration of her unique vibe to outright declarations of her beauty. One fan commented, ‘idc if yall say doja is weird.. i love her vibe,’ while another simply stated, ‘Prettiest woman I ever did see.’

The photo dump isn’t the only thing causing a stir. Over the weekend, Doja Cat’s tweets left her followers puzzled. She mused repeatedly about Chewbacca from Star Wars, questioning the character’s sexuality. This unusual train of thought, combined with previous tweets that led followers to think she was criticizing her own father, kept her fanbase buzzing.

These moments of candidness and quirkiness have become a hallmark of Doja Cat’s interaction with her fans. It’s clear that whether through music, fashion, or tweets, she never fails to keep her audience engaged and entertained.

Doja Cat continues to captivate her audience, both on and off the stage. Her behind-the-scenes glimpses and unexpected social media musings ensure that there’s never a dull moment for her fans.

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