DJ Akademiks isn’t convinced by the sheer number of dislikes on Drake’s new songs.

On Sunday, DJ Akademiks highlighted what he describes as an “abnormal” like-to-dislike ratio on Drake’s latest songs on YouTube. He speculated that people are either suddenly turning on Drake or someone is orchestrating a hate-botting campaign against him. He used examples such as Drake’s Kendrick Lamar diss tracks, “Family Matters” and “The Heart Part 6,” as well as his collaboration with Sexyy Red, “U My Everything,” to showcase the questionable disparity.

In a Twitter post, Akademiks wrote, “Either n****s hating on Drake or n****s hate botting his latest releases. His last 2 releases have more dislikes than likes on YouTube. The Heart part 6 and his newest feature on Sexyy redd song. And family matters has over 400k dislikes on YouTube. Very abnormal.”

Fans were quick to respond in the comments section. One user asked, “N****s can’t just not dislike a song?” while another commented, “Or the sh*t wasn’t good? Family Matters is good. Heart Part 6 is so bad it’s almost funny. That Sexyy Redd song is ass outside of Drake’s verse so no sh*t it has mad dislikes.”

For the track with Sexyy Red, Drake raps over Metro Boomin’s “BBL Drizzy” instrumental, flipping the concept by rapping, “BBL Drizzy, they want a new body, they ask me for it.” In “The Heart Part 6,” he targets Kendrick Lamar, alleging that he provided Lamar with false information amid their rivalry and includes multiple disses. The track’s title is a nod to Lamar’s

As speculations swirl, Akademiks has made his stance clear, pointing out the unusual data surrounding Drake’s videos. Whether it’s genuine dislike or the result of manipulation remains an open question.

DJ Akademiks remains suspicious of the sudden surge in dislikes on Drake’s new releases, with fans divided on whether the criticism is warranted or artificially inflated.

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