Kirk Burrowes, co-founding partner and former president of Bad Boy, recently shared some intriguing insights with Rolling Stone about the dynamics between Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, 2Pac, and The Notorious B.I.G. According to Burrowes, Diddy was always ‘jealous’ of the close bond between 2Pac and Biggie.

Burrowes pointed out that even though Diddy admired 2Pac, the feeling was not mutual. ‘There was someone on the sidelines, jealous,’ Burrowes said regarding Diddy. The sentiment was echoed by hip-hop photographer Monique Bunn, who confirmed that ‘Pac didn’t think highly of Diddy, referring to him as a ‘corny executive.’ The Bad Boy crew reportedly took inspiration from ‘Pac’s hit song, ‘I Get Around,’ to achieve mainstream success in hip-hop.

In another part of the Rolling Stone piece, new allegations from Diddy’s past at Howard University have surfaced. A friend of Diddy’s college girlfriend recounted a disturbing incident where Diddy appeared ‘belligerent’ outside their dorm. She claimed he ‘screamed and hollered and acted a stone fool until she [the girlfriend] came downstairs,’ and then allegedly beat her with a belt while ‘screaming at the top of his lungs.’ Other alumni reportedly witnessed this incident as well.

Diddy’s lawyer, Jonathan Davis, has called these sources ‘unreliable’ in response to the allegations. This isn’t the first time Diddy has faced such accusations; a video of him assaulting Cassie back in 2016 has also made rounds, an incident for which he later apologized.

As new details continue to emerge, Diddy’s history is being scrutinized from multiple angles. The revelations from Kirk Burrowes and others add a complex layer to the rapper-mogul’s already controversial legacy.

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