Rick Ross isn’t shy about his impressive car collection, and he’s throwing down the gauntlet to anyone who thinks they’ve got a better one. The Florida rapper took to Instagram Stories this past Friday, right before the 3rd annual Rick Ross Car & Bike Show at his house in Fayetteville, GA, to show off his prized possessions.

“I got a question online. Who got a better car collection than Ricky Rozay?…We can talk classics and include the foreigns as well. We ain’t stunting, we just wanna know,” Ross challenged, flaunting his array of cars, including five Rolls Royces and every Chevrolet you can think of.

Ross also showcased the spectacular prize he had lined up for the winners of his car show—a 37 carat VVS diamond car key worth $130,000. Sitting next to a jeweler on a yacht, he boasted, “The car show a few days away. It’s time to show the winners what you’ll receive. It’s never been done like this. I got the number one jeweler in the city, Vobara, here with me. We doin’ this for the streets. You see that? […] Real stones. We’re putting our money where our mouth at. This is something that never been done.”

Ross is no stranger to handing out opulent prizes at his events. Last year, he spent around $300,000 on jewelry for the winners, including Rolls-Royce-inspired pieces. He compared his prize chains to the Olympics, revealing them in an Instagram video while teasing DJ Envy.

He’s also crafted an exclusive VIP package for this year’s event, promising a lavish experience. Details shared on Instagram Live in February revealed that top sponsors get an all-inclusive stay at his expansive estate. Rick Ross is certainly putting on a show that matches his larger-than-life persona.

Rick Ross is putting his money where his mouth is, challenging anyone to come forward with a car collection that can beat his. With jaw-dropping prizes and exclusive VIP treatments, his car show isn’t just about cars—it’s about living large. Let’s see who steps up to the challenge.

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