DDG shocked the world when he revealed his real voice in a vlog last year, and Sexyy Red was equally as shocked when he unveiled it to her during a recent meet-up.

In his latest vlog published on Monday, the YouTuber and rapper linked up with Sexyy Red for a day in Miami. Around the 20-minute mark, he displayed the much-deeper voice he usually hides.

Sexyy Red’s immediate reaction was one of pure shock. She cracked up and asked, “Who was that?!”

DDG responded, “That’s why I don’t do it, bro. That’s why I don’t do that shit.”

Last fall, DDG explained in a YouTube video why fans have gone all this time without knowing his real voice. “I did like, a podcast a little bit ago and I exposed my real voice — and this just goes to show why I don’t use it. I just get real insecure, I don’t like to really, like, expose myself like that,” DDG said. “I like to stay low-key and just be who I am. And a lot of people be like, ‘Damn, why don’t you just talk in your real voice or rap in your real voice?’ I just feel like it’s too mu’fuckin deep, so I be trying to like, talk regular.”

He went on to say that he feels the voice he’s been using is more relatable to fans and that the deeper, real voice would elicit more jokes than anything.

Regarding his relationship with Sexyy Red, DDG announced earlier this year that she’s a ‘top 5 female rapper’ in a post on X (formerly Twitter). Sexyy retweeted the post and added, “Dey not gon like you fa dis one 😂😂.”

Fans had mixed reactions. One commented, “Tf she ain’t my top 50.” Another added, “This is what happens when you legalize weed.” A third user concluded, “This is why nobody takes you seriously.”

The revelation of DDG’s real voice continues to stir reactions, adding another layer to his dynamic persona.

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