Fans of the City Girls were in for a surprise when the tracklist for Camila Cabello’s upcoming album was revealed. Instead of seeing their favorite duo listed together, JT and Yung Miami were credited as separate artists.

The future of City Girls as a duo has been up in the air for a while now. After a three-year hiatus, they reunited for the album ‘RAW’, featuring artists like Usher, Lil Durk, Juicy J, Muni Long, and Kim Petras. Despite these big names, the album struggled commercially, leading to speculation that the two might be better off focusing on solo careers.

JT, in particular, has been busy with solo projects. Her single ‘No Bars’ received a lot of praise and is often considered the standout track from ‘RAW’. This year, she has continued to release solo singles, including ‘Sideways’ and ‘OKAY’, and even featured on Doechii’s ‘Alter Ego’ with a memorable guest verse.

Earlier this week, fans received more evidence pointing towards solo futures for the pair. Pop singer Camila Cabello is set to release her new album later this month, and the tracklist includes the song ‘Dade County Dreaming’ featuring both JT and Yung Miami. However, rather than being credited as ‘City Girls’, they are listed individually as JT and Yung Miami. This has sparked a lot of debate among fans online about what this could mean for the future of the duo.

Some fans have speculated that JT and Yung Miami are trying to establish their individual identities. One commenter pointed out, ‘Why are y’all surprised? 🤔 They’ve been pushing their individual identities for YEARS!!!! Rebranding themselves, dropping hint after hint 😭.’

Another fan theorized about contract issues, suggesting, ‘They are probably contractually tied to City Girls but are free to work as “independent artists”. So if they perform under City Girls, Quality Control gets paid, but if they perform individually, they get paid independently.’

The listing of JT and Yung Miami as separate artists on Camila Cabello’s album has definitely got fans talking. Whether this signifies a permanent shift towards solo careers or is just a temporary phase remains to be seen, but it’s clear that both artists are making moves individually.

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