Ciara has amazed fans by recreating the iconic album cover of her debut album, ‘Goodies,’ to mark its 20th anniversary. Incredibly, she looks just as youthful as she did two decades ago.

The singer took to X (formerly Twitter) on June 8 to share side-by-side photos of the original and updated ‘Goodies’ cover. Along with the photos, she posted a video explaining her personal definition of ‘goodies.’

‘Goodies can be whatever you want them to be. It’s anything that you feel is worth something to you, of good value to you. It could be your hugs, your kisses, your telephone number. I always tell people, I feel like anything that I give to anyone, whether it’s time, telephone number, that is my goodie,’ Ciara explained.

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To celebrate the milestone, Ciara also announced the pre-order for a vinyl version of the album, set to drop on September 27. Fans can secure their copies through the link shared in her post.

Sharing more about her fascinating life, Ciara recently discovered that she and baseball legend Derek Jeter are distant cousins. This surprising revelation came to light during an episode of PBS’ ‘Finding Your Roots,’ where Ciara learned about their shared DNA.

‘What in the world? You are kidding me. Derek Jeter! That’s crazy,’ she exclaimed upon discovering the news. Her husband, Russell Wilson, couldn’t contain his amusement either, sharing a clip of Ciara’s reaction and adding, ‘Always knew it! 😂 @Yankees Captain! @DerekJeter @Ciara.’

The couple also recently welcomed their third child together, a daughter named Amora Princess Wilson, born on December 11, 2023. They had kept the pregnancy a secret until August, when Ciara revealed her baby bump in an Instagram video.

In addition to baby Amora, Ciara and Russell have two other children together, six-year-old Sienna and three-year-old Win. Ciara also has a nine-year-old son, Future Zahir, from a previous relationship with the rapper Future.

Balancing co-parenting responsibilities with her ex can be challenging. When asked about it during a mid-September interview with The Shade Room, her laughter spoke volumes without her needing to say a single word.

From celebrating milestones with the ‘Goodies’ album to managing a growing family, Ciara continues to captivate her fans with her timeless beauty and fascinating life revelations.

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