Bow Wow isn’t playing around when it comes to money. Recently, he issued a blunt warning to his fellow rappers who owe him cash, making it clear he’s done being Mr. Nice Guy.

On Thursday (May 30), Bow Wow took to X (formerly Twitter) to air his grievances. ‘Yo! Y’all think 50 [Cent] got a long list of rappers owing him money??!!!’ he wrote. ‘Ima start naming rappers that owe me and been running off with the paper for 3 years! Don’t let that Like Mike shit fool you! I WANT MY MONEY!!!!’

This fiery post has grabbed attention, especially since Bow Wow, known for his role in the 2002 basketball film ‘Like Mike,’ usually maintains a laid-back persona. However, it’s clear he’s fed up and ready to call out those who haven’t paid up.

Interestingly, Bow Wow himself has faced accusations of swindling money. Last year, the ‘Let Me Hold You’ rapper was sued by a ten-year-old girl who claimed she paid $3,000 via Cash App for a feature that never happened. According to court documents obtained by The Neighborhood Talk, the total damages, including costs and attorney fees, were $15,000.

Bow Wow denied these allegations, addressing the situation on social media: ‘D pippin done got yall again huh? 😂 I don’t conduct business on apps. I do NOT use or have Cash App. So if you ain’t call management and send a wire, you definitely was NOT dealing with me. Be careful who y’all send your money to online. This happens every day to folks. This the third time somebody acting like me catfishing people.’

Despite these controversies, Bow Wow recently celebrated a significant milestone. His debut album ‘Beware of Dog,’ which was released in September 2000, has surpassed four million sales in the U.S., making it eligible for 4x platinum certification. Reacting to the news, Bow Wow shared a photo of the album cover on X, writing: ‘‘Beware of Dog’ now eligible for 4 X Platinum.’

The album, released under So So Def Recordings and Columbia Records, debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and spawned several hit singles like ‘Bounce With Me’ with Xscape, ‘Bow Wow (That’s My Name)’ with Snoop Dogg, and ‘Puppy Love’ with Jagged Edge. This established the then-13-year-old as a superstar in the music industry.

Bow Wow’s recent outburst serves as a reminder that even in the world of glitz and glamour, debts need to be settled. As he continues to make waves in the industry, it’s clear he’s not holding back when it comes to getting what he’s owed.

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