Boosie Badazz has always been a figure of controversy and bold statements, and his latest VladTV interview is no different. Many fans have speculated about potential beefs between Boosie and other rappers, but he’s here to put those rumors to rest.

Boosie has never been shy about sharing his opinions, often making headlines for his candid comments. His social media presence has sparked many a debate, especially with fellow musicians. But in his most recent interview, he clearly stated that he does not have beef with Kodak Black or NBA Youngboy.

Boosie addressed the long-standing rumors of tension with Kodak Black. Despite their public disagreements and some harsh words exchanged on social media, Boosie clarified that mentioning someone a few times doesn’t escalate to the level of real beef in his book. He even referenced his song ‘Grateful,’ noting that although he responded to Kodak in the track, it wasn’t specifically a diss aimed at him.

The rapper also took the opportunity to dispel any notions of a feud with NBA Youngboy. While acknowledging that they’ve had their differences, he emphasized that these disputes have never reached the intensity of a full-blown rap beef.

A few months back, Kodak Black collaborated with 6ix9ine, which Boosie openly criticized on social media, claiming that the collaboration signaled a decline in Kodak’s career. Despite his critical comments, Boosie insists that these remarks don’t equate to a beef in the traditional sense.

In essence, Boosie Badazz is making it clear that disagreements and critical comments do not automatically translate to rap beefs. He remains outspoken and unfiltered, but he wants everyone to know that not every conflict is a full-scale war.

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